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WIDA e-Summit Week 1 Add. Info. and Last Call for Engaging Multilingual Newcomers Webinar Series

Hi Everyone! Hope you're hanging on tough :) Our best positive vibes to each and everyone!

Click here to access additional info on WIDA's e-Summit (October 12-20) Week 1 and last call to register for the Engaging Multilingual Newcomers Webinar Series. Shared by Cary K. from DOE.

"... last call for the Engaging Multilingual Newcomers WIDA Webinar Series.  We have room for a few more participants. Please see details below and register in PDMS.  Please consider sharing this information with your language specialists and EL educators.  This course will feature 3 live webinars in which participants can learn about working with multilingual newcomers, ask questions and interact with colleagues.  See below and please register today if you are interested in joining us."

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