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WIDA: Engaging Multilingual Newcomers 

This is the final reminder for the WIDA eFacilitated course Engaging Multilingual Newcomers is designed for Language Specialists, and classroom teachers with EL Newcomers in their classroom!

DOE - Cary K (email to get Cary K's email address)- needs to send registration information to WIDA to get all participants loaded into the course and send the pre-reading materials. 

Sign up in PDMS TODAY! (Course #29266)

This course will feature 3 live webinars in which participants can learn about working with multilingual newcomers, ask questions and interact with colleagues. 

See the course description below and please register today - asap - if you are interested in joining us. 

Share with EL educators, and classroom teachers with Newcomers in their classroom en encourage them to participate!

Engaging Multilingual Newcomers is designed for Language Specialists and will feature information about social/emotional support for newcomers,  instructional strategies, and building relationships via virtual learning. 

Join colleagues for this 3-part series.  This workshop features 3 live webinars (Monday October 12, Monday October 26 and Monday, November 9th from 4:30-6:00 p.m.) that run for 90 minutes each and there will be some post webinar work.  This workshop has been reformatted to support today's remote/hybrid learning environments .  There is a 40-participant maximum, so we encourage you to register in PDMS today (Course #29266).  Final roster information will be sent to WIDA next week and participants will be contacted with details on the course.   

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