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ED Camp Leader DE & National Committee for Effective Literacy

Hi DELLTA Friends and Advocates! We hope that you are healthy and well. Summer is around the corner, yay! And the school year for many is coming to a close :)

The ED Camp Leader DE is a Summer learning opportunity for teachers and by teachers. It was shared by Anne A. an involved DELLTA Advisory Council member. She has attended in the past. It seems like a worthwhile opportunity to explore. Check it out HERE.

Another worthwhile site to explore is the National Committee for Effective Literacy. This is hot-off-the-press as the research by authors Dr. Kathy Escamilla, Dr. Laurie Olsen and Dr. Jody Slavick was published on February of 2022. Their 'white paper' is titled Toward Comprehensive Effective Literacy Policy and Instruction for English Learner/Emergent Bilingual Students

Stay well everyone! Your DELLTA Officers

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