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DELLTA is now an Amazon Smile Eligible Charity!

Hello DELLTA Members, Friends and advocates,

We hope your Summer is going super fantastic:)

Drum-roll please....DELLTA has been added as an option to AMAZON Smile. Yay!!! Please consider selecting DELLTA as your organization to receive donations every time you place an Amazon order through AMAZON SMILE (see the pics below) and encourage your friends and network to support DELLTA. You must order through AMAZON SMILE for your selected organization to receive the proceeds from your donations. Every little bit helps! We're looking into new ways to raise funds for our annual DELLTA Awards.

ALSO, our DELLTA Fundraising Chair Ashley W. is excited and welcoming of DELLTA members/friends willing to support DELLTA's fundraising efforts. Any level of commitment/support is greatly appreciate it and welcome, please email Ashley directly at DelltaDelawarefundraising@gmail.com. Pretty please reach out to Ashley:)


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