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Learning/Teaching Resources Shared/Researched by DELLTA Members/Officers/AC Members

Below are resources for your consideration. We do not endorsed any. Explore them if you feel inclined. Thank you all for sharing:)


2. Copyright Updates for These Strange Times

3. NADSFL COVID-19 Guidance

4. https://www.dogonews.com/ ( I like the little video that accompanies the articles. For the beginners, the visual is  a great 'launch'; for the higher proficiencies, they can delay watching the video til after they have interacted with the text more)

5. https://www.texthelp.com/en-us/products/fluencytutor/  ( my ESL colleagues  recently found this fluency tutor and really like it; I just uploaded  it to 2 of my courses today in Google Classroom)

6. https://www.nwea.org/blog/2019/75-digital-tools-apps-teachers-use-to-support-classroom-formative-assessment/ ( big, long exhaustive list of sites)

7. ELLLO website for listening, there are little  flags on the website so you can see what country the speaker is from, so I have chosen mostly Canadian and USA speakers for now. Some of my more advanced speakers can handle a greater variety of accents for these listening exercises.

8. https://www.texthelp.com/en-us/products/fluencytutor/, this lets the students record themselves reading  aloud and teachers can hear their playback. 9. https://www.tesol.org/connect/tesol-resource-center/search-details/activities/2020/04/24/21-starter-questions-for-the-online-classroom

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