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How to Select DELLTA to Receive Funds Through Amazon Smile On Your Computer and Phone App

Here are some ways we've found to select DELLTA as your Amazon Smile Organization,


1. go to smile.amazon.com (instead of amazon.com) and then bookmark this website

2. Log into your account. If you are automatically logged into amazon.com, you should be automatically logged in

3. Under Hello _____(your name), click on Your AmazonSmile

4. Click "change charity"

5. In search bar type "delaware english language learners teachers and advocates" (it has to be typed out completely) then click search

6. When our organization appears, click "select"

7. Place your orders through the bookmarked site smile.amazon.com and small % of each purchase will go to DELLTA!

On your phone AMAZON APP

  1. Download the Amazon App on your phone

  2. Click on the menu options on upper left corner (looks likes 3 short stacked lines)

  3. Scroll and click on Settings (next to last option - you may see a US flag)

  4. Click on Amazon Smile and follow the prompts by selecting Delaware English Language - yes please, type the whole enchilada :) -...as your charity

  5. Done! Now every time you order from your phone app DELLTA will receive a small % in donations for our Annual Student Awards:)

Please help us by spreading the word and get family and friends to select DELLTA as their Amazon Smile organization. Thank YOU!!

P.S1. Please know that selecting Delaware English Language Learners.... as your Amazon Smile organization changes nothing on any purchases or services you receive through Amazon.

P.S2. Should we learn a faster/more efficient way to select DELLTA as our Amazon Smile organization we'll share with you;)

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