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Call to Nominate an Outstanding EL Educator by 9.18.20

September 15 - October 15 is Hispanic Heritage Month!

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month 2020 First State Educate has partnered up with DELLTA to spotlight an outstanding EL Educator!!

The ideal candidate would be a DELLTA Member willing to represent DELLTA and provide the following:

Submit a headshot and answers to the questions below. Please note that responses will be turned into a blog.

  • What do you find challenging and rewarding about being an ELL educator?

  • What impact do you think the COVID-19 pandemic will have on ELL students? 

  • What should Delaware be doing better with it comes to serving the Hispanic and Latino community? 

  • What is the importance of Hispanic and Latino Americans in the classroom? 

  • What advice do you have for Hispanics and Latinos interested in becoming educators? 

  • What advice do you have for Hispanic and Latino youth? 

Email us at if you are interested or if you'd like to nominate a colleague. Yes, this is open to teachers, paras, administrators. We encourage you to contact your colleague directly and have her/him submit the requested information in its entirety for consideration by 9.17.20 - so we can forward the information to our First State Educate contact. Time is of the essence and unfortunately we cannot go back-and-forth much. Please consider this great opportunity!

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