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A Call For Unity, Support, and Action

Dear DELLTA members and Friends,

It's an understatement that these are difficult times for our communities and thus ourselves. We are experiencing a pandemic and social challenges of epic proportions. This may be in addition to preexisting personal/other challenges we might have already been powering through.

We are all grandparents, parents, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, teachers, neighbors, and friends. We have more in common than different. Specifically, we seek to fulfill similar needs; namely health, contentment, nourishment, success, security, belonging, respect, and value.

As an educator, I believe that each of us has amazing abilities. We have the power of uniting, healing, and changing the course of our communities history. We do this by providing top-notch education for all the children that we come in contact with, but most importantly by showing ALL our students that we LOVE and CARE for them, and by convincing them that we have zero doubt that they can achieve their dreams and potential.

I am a former English Learner college student and overcame challenges just as everyone else. I have experienced being treated different because of my background BUT these experiences were few. Rather, I experienced plenty of encouragement, support, and respect from the people around me. I believe myself extremely fortunate.

I encourage all of us, DELLTA members and friends, to continue doing what we do best for our Delaware English Learners: loving them, valuing their individual gifts, providing them with excellent educational opportunities, preparing them for current and future challenges, and being their voice while they develop theirs.

In Solidarity, Oribel

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