• Oribel McFann

AC For ELs and Teen Sharp's DCGA

Two important updates.

As you are aware, Gov. Carney has recently issued the Executive Order 20 to establish the Advisory Council for English Learners.

We're that DELLTA has been invited to join the Advisory Council for English Learners by its Co-chairs, Mr. Javier Torrijos and Mr. Guy Danjoint. Please contact us at delltadelaware@gmail.com with questions or comments.

One of our committed AC and Advocacy Committee members, Mrs. Anne A., asked me to share about Teen Sharp. In a nutshell, it has partnered up with other organizations and DDOE to create the Delaware goes to College Academy (DGCA).

DGCA "is designed as a blended “ in-person and online program to provide [students] with FREE high-quality college admissions consulting. All the expenses for this program are paid for through funding by Delaware Department of Education. TeenSHARP, the Arsht-Cannon Fund, and Capital One. The program assists students with the selection of high school courses to prepare them for college, selection of colleges to apply to, writing college essays, visiting college campuses, applying to scholarships, completing and negotiating financial aid, and preparing to transition to college."

Please share about DGCA with all your contacts that may be interested as it seems like an excellent opportunity for some of our graduating or soon to graduate ELs.

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